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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Stitch Back in Time - A Quilting Retreat in a Victorian Inn

                                             "Stitch Back in Time" 
                                 A Quilting Retreat in a Victorian Inn
Mark your calenders and reserve your room for the first Quilting Retreat in Allegan, Michigan for the weekend of March 1 and 2, 2014.  The plans are for you to finish one top and another item that is a surprise during your weekend stay. We will work on the quilting in the two elegant parlors of the Inn on the first floor.

Breakfast in the DeLano Mansion Inn will be provided each day for guests staying in the Inn with lunch and snacks all day on Saturday for everyone.  Then Saturday night the group will have dinner at a local restaurant at the Lynx Golf Course.  The Lynx Grill has prices from $12. to $19. on their menu and a great view overlooking the Kalamazoo River valley.

The rates on each room are for double guests and have been reduced to weekday rates.  Stay two nights and you will save 50% on the second night.  You may reserve on line or call 269-686-0240 and I will assist you with your reservation.

We are very excited about this first annual Quilt Retreat.  We will make your weekend fun and enjoyable as you meet other quilters who love to quilt as much as you do. We look forward to seeing you on Friday, February 28.  



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