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Friday, January 31, 2014

Get Away from the Snow in Southwest Michigan at a Beach Party

As the snow does not seem to stop this winter in Michigan, we think it's time to enjoy the Beach Party at the LYNX.  Then stay at the DeLano Mansion Inn, enjoying a warm fireplace and a whirlpool for two.  This whole weekend will make the snow go away as you enjoy warmth, good food, a comfortable bed and breakfasts each morning in candlelight.

So mark your calenders for Saturday, February 1 for the Beach Party.  Plan to stay two nights at the DeLano Inn and receive 50% off the second night.  When your weekend is over, you will have forgotten how long this 2013-14 winter has been. 

Come enjoy a fun, romantic weekend, bring another couple with you even to add to the enjoyment.  We look forward to seeing you this weekend in Allegan!
It's not too late to plan that trip away from the cabin fever we all have this winter.



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