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Friday, February 24, 2012

Veldheers Tulip Gardens and De Klomp delftware

Veldheers Tulip Gardens and De Klomp delft factory 

For some very traditional Holland Michigan sightseeing, no visit is complete without a stop here, especially when the tulip gardens are in full bloom.  When you visit the farm not only will you see five million tulips in bloom, but 50,000 daffodils, 10,000 hyacinths and 20,000 crocus all providing a continuous parade of color for the garden enthusiast.

The De Klomp Delft factory is also located at the same spot as Veldheers, and has a wonderfull selection of delftware, using the old methods, and they even import their dyes, and paints directly from the Netherlands, and hand paint each and every piece, and you can watch them work, which is pretty neat, I talked to one person there, who talked about how they pour the porcelain, which they buy from the Netherlands, and let dry in the mold, and then with their hard work transform into these beautiful works of art.


12755 Quincy St.
Holland, Michigan 49424 U. S. A.Garden Center
Monday thru Sat  9:00am to 4:00 pm

DeKlomp Delftware and Wooden Shoe Factory
Monday - Sat 9:am to 4:00pm closed Sundays until March
Tulip Time hours: Sunday to Sat. 8am to 7pm

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