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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

DeLano Mansion Inn Coffee Mugs

DeLano Mansion Coffee Mugs.

So many of our guests have bought our relatively new mugs, they are made in America, by Deneen Pottery based out of Minnesota.  No two are exactly alike, as they are hand-tossed, and the glazing is not the same from one to another, as the patterns vary, but they are all just gorgeous.  Take one home today to bring home a memento of your getaway in MichiganIf you are making a reservation, and want to purchase one you can actually order from our "Ala carte' add ons" during the reservation process.

If you have one of our mugs already, let us know how it is holding up, and any feedback, we'd love to hear back about how you like our mugs!!.

I have had allot of outstanding comments from our guests, and even have had former guests say they get allot of great comments on them from friends and family.

They are $18.00 plus tax, and are microwave and dishwasher, safe, and are pretty indestructible, I have dropped mine, and everything else, and still it looks perfect.  It holds the heat really well, and it really easy to grip, and frankly, I love the tankard style, it's hard to knock over. 

Scott Ehrich, Chef and Innkeeper
DeLano Mansion Inn



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