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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Holland Michigan, Cranes Pie Pantry

One of our must stop recommendations for the city of Holland, Michigan, is Cranes in the City.  An offshoot of the original Cranes Orchards, located in Fennville, the city Cranes offers everything that the original offers, and then some.  Opened In July of 2010, the "new" Cranes is a huge hit, and a favorite stop of ours, for just about anything, but is a favorite of mine for the desserts.  I personally love their apple pie, and the neighbors treat me to a pie for leaf blowing their yards, and they wonder why I do not mind blowing their yards, and why I do such a good job of it ;)

Street View of Cranes in the City
Cranes in the City serves a varied menu of light faire, anything from salads such as their Crispy Chicken salad with mandarin oranges, dried cherries, cordon bleu cheese, and breads/muffin, they also serve paninis, cristos, and for some of the finishing desserts, or light sweets, root beer floats,  caramel sundaes, and the ever intrigueing, hot fudge donut sundae, which I have yet to try...
Menu Board at Cranes, lots of food and tasty treats.

 Just 28 minutes from the DeLano Mansion, our fantastic Michigan Bed and Breakast, Cranes is one of our favorites stops when we are visiting Holland Michigan, look also at our blog for other stops that we suggest for Holland while you are visiting there.

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11 East 8th St.
Holland, Michigan 49423
Winter Hours (through April 30) Mon-Sat 10 AM-7 PM closed Sundays
Summer Hours (starting May 1st) Mon-Sat 10 AM-8PM Sunday 11 Am till 4 PM

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At January 4, 2012 at 12:08 PM , Anonymous Cody said...

Such a great article it was which city of Holland, Michigan, is Cranes in the City. In which they are serving nything from salads such as their Crispy Chicken salad with mandarin oranges,and etc. Thanks for sharing this article.


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