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Friday, March 18, 2011

Holland Specialty Foodie Shops, Michigan Bed and Breakfast

A trip this week took me up to Holland Michigan, and to the charming downtown shopping district along 8th St. One of my stops was The Seasoned Home. I was not really prepared the first time I walked in the store for what I was about to see, and there is allot to see. They carry a wide variety things for the kitchen that are sure to make your mouth water as your are reading this.

The Seasoned Home, Holland, Mi
Located at 43 E. 8th St, The Seasoned Home is a must stop for those who enjoy the finer foods in life. The co-owner, Christina Bensinger, took some time to talk to me about their shop, and all the fantastic things that they offer.

Some of the great food things they have to offer include: from "Dr. Peters" such items as Praline Mustard Glaze, and Herb Bacon dressing. From the "Stonewall Kitchen" out of York Maine, comes assorted jams and jellies, and some things such as Roasted Apple Grill Sauce, Wasabi Ginger Sauce, and Apple Jalapeno jam. From "Brownwood Farms" out of Traverse City Mi, jarred fruits, chutneys and and specialty salsas. In talking to Christina, she mentioned their specialty teas, with the Rooibos teas from South Africa being among her favorites, they carry a VERY large selection of teas, so be sure to check them out.

Selections of jams, salsas, jellies, and dressings.

Just so that you can get an idea of how much, and what variety they carry, they have 8 different varieties of Sea Salts, 6 varieties of Peppercorns, as well as such hard to find things as Chervil, Cinnamon from Viet Nam, and Fennugreek, Mahlab, Mace, Cloves and Savory, just to name but a few of their spices.

My dream spice rack....
 Some of the other items they sell are a large variety of cookbooks, specialty glassware, and tea presses. So be sure to stop in on your visit to Holland while staying here at our Michigan Bed and Breakfast.

The Seasoned Home
43 East 8th St.
Holland, Michigan 49423
Hours: Mon/Thurs/Friday 10a-8p.
Tues/Wed  10a-5:30p.
Sat 10a-5p.

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