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Monday, November 22, 2010

DeLano Mansion Inn, Michigan Bed and Breakfast

Nutcracker Suite December Special:

British nutcracker.
 Christmas and the holidays are just around the corner at our Michigan bed and breakfast, Christmas trees and decorations are going up this week, the inn will be in full Christmas spirit and decor.  Over 6,000 lights on the outside of the inn, and 7 trees will grace the inn and guestrooms.  Christmas is my personal favorite time of the year, and nothing says Christmas more than a Victorian home decorated for the holidays.  Nutcrackers have always been one of my favorite things to decorate the Inn with. I would love to have over 100 someday, so I decided this would be a great way for you to come and stay at the inn, and know that your nutcracker will be admired by every one who comes and visits for years to come, and you get a discount at our historic Michigan bed and breakfast in  the bargain!!

The Details:

We created a fun package for all of our returning and future guests.  Stay any two nights from December 1st through December 23 2010 and bring a commercially made nutcracker to donate to the inn and you will recieve a discount based on the height of the nutcracker.  So a 16" tall nutcracker will earn you a 16% discount off your 2 nite stay, (room charges only)  Sorry we cannot discount more than 50% for your stay and this cannot be combined with any other discount or special.

Our Allegan, romantic michigan getaway inn is located in central Southwest Michigan,  being just a short drive away, we are a elegant alternative to a Saugatuck bed and breakfast, or Holland Michigan lodging.

Visit our website at http://www.delanoinn.com/ to check
availability, or call 269-686-0240 for phone inquiries. 



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