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Friday, November 19, 2010

Allegan, Michigan bed and breakfast, specialty shops.

A short walk from the DeLano Mansion is one of our favorite shops, Something Sweet. Located in historic downtown Allegan, Something Sweet is our favorite choice for all things sweet, and sugar free for those watching their sugar intake…I make it a necessary stop for my personal favorites of chocolate covered raisins, and peanuts whenever I am downtown. Gotta have my raisins!!

Just some of the display cases of sweet confections.
Something Sweet is THE home for fine confections such as specialty truffles, Michigan fudges, as well as fine imported chocolates from Belgium, Germany, Italy, Guyana, Netherlands, and Spain, as well as several other countries and some American made chocolates also. Fun finds can also include a very large display of Jelly Bellys, and assorted fun confections for all ages.

Shopping in downtown Allegan, is short and sweet, much like Something sweet implies, but Something Sweet offers much more than just sweets, they are home to a gift shop that has a lot of sweets and chocolates inspired gifts for hearth and home.

Gift shopping in Allegan.

At the DeLano Mansion we exclusively use Something Sweet for all of our custom chocolates gift trays and baskets, and Diana the owner is always more than willing to accommodate any special request that you may have.

Custom Chocolates make the perfect gift for that someone with a sweet tooth

Our Allegan, Michigan Bed and breakfast is located in central Southwest Michigan, just a short drive from Saugatuck and Holland Michigan.

Visit our website at http://www.delanoinn.com/ to check availability, or call 269-686-0240 for phone inquiries.

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