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Friday, November 19, 2010

Allegan, Michigan bed and breakfast, specialty shops in Allegan.

Newly located in the charming downtown Allegan Michigan is a fantastic market named Montage. The owners of our local steakhouse have created a fantastic new shop just a short walk from our front door. We highly recommend a visit to this fun boutique shopping paradise for the palate during your stay at the DeLano Mansion, an Allegan, Michigan Bed and Breakfast.

Montage features their own house made signature hummus, as well as many other Michigan made products. Just a few examples are salsas, preserves, and mustards from Brownwoods Farms in Traverse City, and soup and dip mixes from Wilde Thyme in Holland. They have a large selection of wines and beer from Michigan too. Some of the breweries they feature are Bell's, Shorts, New Holland, Founders, and North Peak; they also carry by the bottle a nice selection of unknown breweries such as Siren Amber Ales, and 12 Dogs of Christmas.

Front counter, wines and hummus displays.

Montage also has a nice selection of Michigan wines from Black Star Farms, Round Barn, Sleeping Bear, Contessa, St. Julian, Domaine Berrien, and lots of others both local and international. Some other specialty food items they carry are pastas, sauces, balsamics, and olive oils such as roasted chili, and white truffle oils from Pappardelle's in Colorado.

Some of the diverse wine selections.
For snacking, Montage also sells specialty cheeses such as Reserve Vermont Cheddar, Sartori Italian Asiago, and Abergale with orange and cranberries as well as specialty crackers and local breads.

Specialty Cheeses
137 Brady St.
Allegan Michigan, 49010
Phone: 269-355-1655

Monday-Friday 8 AM to 4 PM
Saturday 10Am to 4 PM

During the holiday season hours will be extended, so ask your innkeeper or our staff at the mansion for further information.

Call 269.686.0240 or go to our website to see
our rooms and romantic Michigan getaways packages.

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