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Friday, September 24, 2010

Art Prize begins once again in Grand Rapids

Art Prize is an radical art competition that is open to any artist in the world that can find a venue anywhere in the city of Grand Rapids. Attendees can vote for their favorite piece of art from 1713 artists whose art is on display in 192 different venues around the city. Votes are tabulated, and the winner receives $250,000 grand prize.

This competition runs until October 10th, and hours are listed on the artprize.org website.  This fun event is jsut 30 minutes from the bed and breakfast, located in just 30 minutes From the DeLano Mansion Bed and Breakfast in Southwest Michigan.   

A really cool example of this years art is the "sphere" as I call it
located in the Grand Rapids Art Museum by David Spriggs.   

Another piece of art from last year I call the Spring, located
just outside of "The Castle"  Artist- I don't remember.

Reserve your room or suite at http://www.delanoinn.com/, and make the ArtPrize competition
 a must see while you are in Southwest Michigan.



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