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Monday, April 19, 2010

Interior design student visits

For the second time in a month we have had a student come to the inn for photograph the inn for her class projects.  Amy Sheldon is a student of the University of Pittsburgh School of Interior Design, and has been using the DeLano Mansion for her research papers on interior design, which really flatters us here, but as she put it, our decor is spectacular, and the authenticity of it, and the richness of the touches cannot be beat.  The first time she stopped it was rather late night, but we took the time to meet her, and allowed her to come in and photograph the inns interior, we were slow, and there were no guests around at the moment.  We have had people stop from all over the world to just take pictures of the inn and the grounds, including a bunch of tourists from Japan, all with cameras hanging from their necks, so we were flattered to have an interior design student take note of our Inn, and wish to take pictures. 

So if you are out and about, and we have the time feel free to stop in and say hello, we are always happy to give tours, from red hatters to school students looking to learn how things were in the "good old days", but we do have to respect our guests, and make sure that their stays are not disrupted, so please be sure to respect our guests.


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