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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Corporate Guests

These past two weeks we have played host to four people from Isreal, they speak little English, but we manage to get the point accross.  They have been a delight to talk to, with very different views and custom to what we in the US are used to.  We have played host to guests from many different countries, from Japan, Italy, China, Indonesia, Myanmar, Mexico, to name jsut a few.  The funny thing is that they all love to shop!!  Stores not usually available, or items that they cannot get in their "home" countries seems to be the hot ticket items....LOL.  Next time you are out for business travel, or for just a romantic getawy, please consider at B&B, the homey feel is nothing like that of a hoter, in fact one of our guests just last night referred tothe Inn as "home", we had a good laugh over that, not bad for being here only four hours, and already feeling like home.


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