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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Guests help save the day.

This past Wednesday night a water supply line to one of our upstairs guestrooms cracked and burst.  One of our guests noticing something wrong took it upon themself to check into it, and discovered a flood of water.  They immediately called me on the their cell phone, luckily I was right there in about 30 seconds to turn off the water shut off valve.  In a few short seconds four of our guests had grabbed their trash cans, as I grabbed buckets, towels, and just about anything that would hold water.  All the time water is cascading through the first floor front parlor ceiling, down the chandelier, and flooding the hardwood flooring, vintage Persian rug, as well as our peroid antiques which fill the parlor.  The "Bucket Brigade" and I moved all the furniture, artwork, and decorations to other rooms in the Inn.  They were the best ever, being retired State Farm insurance agents, they were very helpfull, and stayed up till midnight, helping to clean, and move items, the other guests in the Inn did not even have a clue till the morning that anything had happened overnight.

Trying to catch the flood of the parlor.

Everyday in innkeeping you come across guests that amaze you with their lives, stories, or just inspire you to keep innkeeping, whether it is their comments, raves, creative input, or just being themselves, and these two couples, Arnold and Fran Girbach, and Dave and Barb Glauer are two of those couples.  Without their noticing the leak, which was in another guestroom I might add, the damage would have been very extensive. 

My "Bucket Brigade"

As of right now, we have a master plasterer coming on Monday to repair the ceiling, Service Master has done a wonderful job of drying the flooring/plaster, and cleanup, they should be finished.  The antique Persian rug should be coming back, then painting and wallpapering should be done shortly.

Scott Ehrich- Innkeeper
DeLano Mansion Inn


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